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Pembroke Pines Tree Service and Tree Removal

Trees are a huge part of the overall health of our planet as well as our communities, especially in South Florida where the heat and humidity can be rather extreme. They’re responsible for contributing to the production of one of life’s most important building blocks, oxygen. In addition, trees have been a source of food, shelter, medicine and tools for hundreds of years.

Today, they line our streets, parks, backyards and playgrounds, improving our quality of life by adding beauty, natural elements and wildlife habitats to our urban areas. Trees also impact our climate by regulating temperature and in essence, filtering the atmosphere by removing compounds that have proven to be harmful to humans and wildlife.

Although trees require very little overall maintenance, they do require the occasional upkeep to ensure they do not pose a threat to property or worse, to people. What’s more, properly planted tress will have a positive impact not only on property value, but also on the costs associated with heating and cooling.

In warm climates, like South Florida, planting a tree on the South or West side of the property can dramatically improve your cooling costs by shading the property from the sun’s heat. A similar point can be made about colder climates. Planting trees around the home will lower heating costs by acting as a wind screen against cold air.

Properly maintaining the plants around your home will also positively impact your home’s value by up to 20%. According to a Clemson University study, improving your home’s landscaping from “average” to “good” can add 5-6% to your home’s value and an improvement from “good” to “excellent” could result in an additional 6-7% increase in property value. 99% of appraisers will also agree that having good landscape dramatically increases the sales appeal of any property. And according to Money Magazine, proper landscaping is as important for the sale of real estate as having a remodeled bathroom or kitchen; sometimes landscaping has an even greater effect.

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The Importance of Tree trimming and Maintenance

As a homeowner, tree service and maintenance is wildly important to the overall appearance of your property. Not only does it dramatically improve the overall aesthetic of your property, but it also increases its perceived value. And let’s be honest, it also makes you feel good when everything looks healthy and beautiful.

As a business owner, affordable tree service and maintenance must be of paramount importance because the exterior of your property is the first thing a potential client sees when they come to your establishment. Ensuring your landscape is maintained improves your client’s perception of your business and subsequently increases the probability you’ll be profitable. ​

Maintenance and care, although not considered a monthly necessity in many cases, are crucial to the health and beauty of your trees and in turn, the overall appearance of your home or business. Their sheer size and shape make them the centerpiece of any landscape, providing the style and personality that makes your space unique. For these reasons, proper maintenance and care is important to enhance their strength and natural beauty.​

The question, “How to trim my tree” is not one you should be asking

Maybe you’re naturally drawn to DIY projects and are compelled to service your trees yourself. The truth is we commend your adventurous spirit, but recommend you avoid the DIY altogether and get professionals to do the work; what we do is dangerous and requires experience and training. We don’t want you to get yourself hurt or into a mess costing you even more time and money. But most importantly, consider the risks involved with doing this labor while lacking the proper knowledge and expertise, endangering your trees, your property and far worse, endangering your life and health.

We aim to fix these issues by providing the residents Pembroke Pines Florida and the surrounding areas professional, expert affordable tree service in Pembroke Pines Florida. Enlisting the help of experienced professionals to service your trees and/or even maintain them is the safest and most efficient use of your time and money.

We know our trees!

Being local, we understand exactly how to care for the wide array of plants and trees that natively grow in South Florida. Years of handling these species of plants have taught us the right and wrong way to get any job done. Even if your home or business requires special attention for exotic or unusual plant species, our experts are prepared to treat your space with the care and attention it deserves.

Our Most Popular Services

Tree  Trimming / Removal
The proper attention and care will ensure the trees around your property grow healthy and beautiful. This also protects people and property from any unforeseen issues.

Stump Grinding / removal
This job requires as much expertise as it does powerful equipment. It’s best handled by professionals with experience who can remove and properly dispose any stump.

Shrub removal
Removing shrubs is a tough, back-breaking process the requires special equipment. It’s better left to a professional who will leave your property looking beautiful.

Tree cutting or tree removal is a very common service we help South Floridians with all the time. Trees in South Florida will grow rather tall and wide because of our warm, wet climate and although these canopy trees are absolutely beautiful and serve a wonderful purpose, they sometimes pose a threat to their surroundings.

This job should be left to professionals, especially if the tree is near people or a property. The sheer size of the tree and complexity of the job is always a determining factor to why this type of task should be left to a professional with experience. Many times, we’ve been called to finish a job started by a home or business owner that has ultimately gone awry. In some cases they realized the task was harder than expected and in really bad cases, they face property damage as parts of the tree have fallen on or damaged parts of their structure, landscaping or equipment.

Tree trimming ​is another service we are routinely called for. It’s so important for the trees and shrubs on your property, whether residential or commercial, to be properly maintained in order to avoid issues later. Trees, when allowed to grow uncontrollably, end up creating more problems than they solve; from endangering people passing underneath, to crossing property lines, to causing damage to your property. The only way to avoid these issues is to properly trim and maintain them.

Emergency tree service is something we offer in the event a tree ever requires immediate removal, trimming or moving. A constant threat that affects us all in South Florida are the many storms and hurricanes that form annually on the Atlantic. It’s crucial to the safety of your home and your family that your plants be maintained even if it is last minute. A very dangerous part of any storm is the debris it’s able to send flying through the air. In many cases, this debris is the product of an unkept tree whose branches may have grown too heavy, were too dense to sustain the high winds or were simply loose. In the end, this type of damage could’ve easily been avoided had the homeowner properly trimmed his trees with a company like Pembroke Pines Tree Services.

Stump grinding and stump removal is a tough job, from beginning to end. It requires very powerful equipment and a whole lot of experience and knowledge to grind a stump down to nothing and leave your yard looking smooth and clean. Our tree specialists understand the complexity of this job and will work hard to ensure your space looks clean. After a few weeks, you’ll notice the ground will become flat and grass will start to grow again, leaving the area as though a tree had never even been there.

Shrub removal is an incredibly difficult task for any home or business owner to have to contend with. First off, shrubs tend to develop very strong roots that dig deep into the ground. Sometimes these roots even affect nearby trees by choking them or competing for resources. Removal of plants which such strong root structures is very difficult and requires special equipment. Working with a knowledgeable and experienced company ensures your shrubs are eliminated properly without affecting any nearby trees or vegetation.

Root pruning is the process of slicing the root at the drip line of a tree that will be dug up and moved elsewhere. This process prepares the tree to be replanted by making sure it develops new feeder roots in the new location. This is very important in order for the tree to remain healthy and grow strong in its new location. This is a process we don’t recommend anybody take on unless they have considerable amounts of experience with it.

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Meet with one of our experts and explore the best solution to solve your space’s needs. Together we can design the perfect outdoor look for you, your family and your customers.

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Once we’ve assessed your needs, we set a date and time to get to work. Our team of professionals will leave your space feeling safe and looking beautiful for everybody to enjoy.

Commercial & Residential
Tree services

Trimming and pruning is important for the overall health of the tree. This process addresses some of the issues that trees face, like damaging property or people, contributing to burglary and even diseased leaves and branches.

When a tree is sick, diagnosing and treating the problem quickly and early is imperative to the survival of the tree and its surroundings. Sections of the tree that have contracted an ailment have a tendency of infecting healthy sections of the tree, thereby further spreading the disease. Sometimes, diseased branches weaken and start to pose a serious risk to people, things and property that may lie underneath. Proactively removing sections of the tree that have been affected ensures the tree will grow strong while eliminating the risks involved with a branch detaching and falling.

Burglary is another reason to service tree branches on a consistent basis. Hard sections that venture too close to a structure might serve as an easy access point for the wrong type of people. Addressing this concern before it becomes a problem is a huge benefit to working with Pembroke Pines Tree Services. Our experts have self-proclaimed themselves the best in the business in removing access points created by plants and trees. Tree cutting to secure those points of entry is extremely important!

Attn: DIYers with little to no experience

I know what you’re thinking. “Just cutting off some branches sounds simply enough,” right? Well, here’s the truth: If you think tree service is simple, you’re either a savage risk junky or you simply have no idea what you are getting yourself into!

Here’s a short list of the dangers involved with doing your own trimming or cutting of branches.

Falling off the ladder or tree. Do you have any idea how many different ways you can slip, trip or fall? Keep in mind the fall would be from about the heigh of a third story balcony. Sounds painful, right? But have you thought about what you could possibly land on? Rocks, roots, sticks, sharp knives? This is enough to discourage me from trying, but some people live dangerously. Let’s say you’re one of these people, and you don’t fall at all, what’s your weapon of choice to cut the branch. Perhaps a machete, chainsaw, knife, or even tie wraps? So tell me, when was the last time you swung a machete or sliced firewood with a chainsaw, city slicker? This brings us to our next point…
Swinging a machete or chainsaw from a ladder or branch that’s about three stories up without any experience is a recipe for absolute disaster; far worse than eating buttery lobster with no bib in a white linen three-piece suit. The tree, the machete, or even the chainsaw might hit you and slice a piece of you right off. Again, I’m sold. I’m calling a professional, but for argument’s sake, let’s just say you don’t fall on a carpet of daggers or slice yourself to pieces with an ax or chainsaw. Maybe you’re just a lumberjack savant and you just knocked out this physically demanding job, what are you going to do with the tree chunk or branch you cut? Where’s it going to fall once you’ve cut it? How are you going to lower it? A little-known fact about this business is that we have to make sure the trimmed piece of tree doesn’t fall on somebody or damage your property; it has to be lowered safely.

Now that stump is left looking like a fat red pimple in the middle of milky white cheek- gross right? What’s next? Get ready to pick up some heavy machines and start your tree stump removal, friend! Tree stump grinding is a brutal job and shouldn’t be done unless you have experience and knowledge. I hope you also figured out how to pull the roots while you’re at it…

Oh yea, let’s not forget we have to dispose of the tree in pieces after we cut it. Don’t put yourself, your family or your property at risk, go the safe route; the sensible thing to do is hire an expert to do a professional job and avoid any serious situations.

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Occasionally, the job of designing a beautiful landscape calls for more trees or shrubs, and although this process seems simple enough, it’s always better to consult a professional. There are risks involved with planting trees without fully understanding their function. For example, planting trees too close to shrubs might create stress on those plants as they compete for the same resources. Planting trees too close to buildings or structures may affect them both above ground with branches venturing too close to the structure or underground with roots threatening the integrity of the foundation.

These concerns can cause serious issues later on, forcing you to have to either remove the tree or prune and move it. Tree cutting is never a good experience to have to go through; it’s really quite the unfortunate scenario to deal with all that trouble, money and time to correct a mistake that could’ve easily been avoided. If you’re planning on adding to your landscape, we recommend you reach out and speak to an expert who can help you strategically place your trees and shrubs in the safest and most effective locations on your property.

For those who are currently facing a situation where you have to remove or relocate trees or shrubs on your property, we recommend you reach out and speak to one of our experts who could knowledgeably discuss your options with you and provide you with some insight and an affordable quote.

Tree removal and relocation is an extremely dangerous for the same reason trimming and cutting is dangerous. The tree poses a threat to people and property that directly beneath them.

In short, don’t put yourself, your family, your customers or your property at risk. Call the experts at Pembroke Pines Tree Services and get the maintenance and service your trees need to ensure your property is as beautiful and safe as it could be. Our specialists have over 20 years of collective experience servicing trees and shrubs of all kinds throughout South Florida. We strive to provide every client exceptional service that’s fast and efficient. We’re licensed, bonded and insured. meaning in the rare event that something goes wrong, you can count on your property being safe.

When we complete a job, customer satisfaction is our biggest goal.
Speak directly to a specialist and learn what makes us such a great choice for your tree service needs. ​​

Now Servicing all of Broward County

Our business has done so well in the last 5 years that we’ve been able to expand. The city of Pembroke Pines has treated us well and we are incredibly grateful for that but now we are working all over South Florida. Apparently, our good reputation and reviews have caught up with us. Tree removal in Fort Lauderdale has been our newest expansion. We’ve also been offering a great deal of tree trimming in Fort Lauderdale. Our goal is to expand all of our tree services in Fort Lauderdale to also include tree cutting, stump grinding and removal, and shrub trimming and removal.

It’s this dedication to growth and excellence that sets us apart. We focus on helping more and more people because we love what we do and we want those in our communities to enjoy a better, safer experience when they’re outside of their properties.