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Tree Removal and Cutting – Pembroke Pines Florida

We all love our trees so we know how tough it is to have to call an expert to have in order to have one removed. Unfortunately, things happen in life and either this tree has become too big, dangerous or simply start causing damage to a structure. We are 100% prepared to take on this task and deliver the best customer experience in South Florida. Regardless of the size or shape of the tree, we have the know-how and equipment to complete the job quickly and efficiently with the upmost level of professionalism.

Tree removal is a process that requires experience and in most cases, the right kind of heavy machinery. It requires climbing, cutting or sawing, safely lowering the branch to the ground, and finally disposing of the tree piece by piece. These things are not to be considered easy by any means. Ensuring safety is our number one concern; the safety of your people as well as our team.

We take pride in making sure your outdoor space is something you could share with your family and friends for years to come. Our cutting and removal services ensure any sick or troublesome sections of a tree are dealt with promptly, either by cutting and quarantining the sick part of the tree or by completely removing the tree altogether. This process further helps by keeping that tree from infecting any of the other healthy plants and trees around your property, which is a very common for sick trees left untreated.

In some occasions, we’ve been called for a tree the looks absolutely healthy, but upon closer inspection, discovered it was being consumed from the inside by mites. Unfortunately, we had no other option than to remove the tree. Leaving the tree as is poses a danger to itself and the people around it. A piece of branch could easily weaken and fall. The dangers of bodily injury are too high to ignore; the tree must be dealt with immediately.

Pembroke Pines Tree Services will transform your trees and plants into the outdoor space you’ve been dreaming about! Call Today!

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The Importance of Tree Removal and Cutting

Sadly, trees sometimes outgrow their space. In many occasions, a human with little knowledge of trees and how they grow or simply poor planning on their part is to blame for the obviously bad location in which some trees are forced to grow. Trees living like this threaten structures in two different ways: their roots and their branches. Unfortunately,, these are trees that have grown in a very unfortunate circumstance and have had to be removed.

When trees with large powerful roots grow too close to a building or structure, it’s foundation and pipes run the risk of being damaged. We’ve all seen parking lots and parking garages with elevated pieces of concrete that have clearly been pushed up by a tree’s powerful roots.

In many occasions, we let the tree live because it simply isn’t hurting anybody, but in others, the tree threatens to knock over a fence of break water pipes, causing a disaster for both the homeowner and the tree itself. These are the situations we race time to avoid. Interestingly, these things take time to develop, which is why it’s so important to solicit the help of a knowledgable professional like our experts for a free consultation and recommendations.

The tree can also be a threat above ground. A good example is when a tree lives too close to a structure and grows like a giant canopy, spreading it’s branches far and wide until they threaten the exterior walls and windows; any small breeze could create a serious problem if it forces the branch to sway and hit the structure. A broken window could hurt people walking inside as well as people walking underneath with falling shards of glass.

These risks are not worth it. Its absolutely irresponsible to avoid something so important to your business, employees, family and friends. At Pembroke Pines Tree Services, we’re here to help. We want your yard to have the personality and beauty you want!

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