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Stump Removal and Grinding – Pembroke Pines Florida

Stump removal and wood chipping is an expertise of ours that we are very proud of. Unfortunately for many property owners, this job requires heavy duty machinery and professional equipment. More importantly, it requires experience to ensure the remaining surface is smooth and clean. Stump grinding also requires very powerful equipment as well as the expertise of a trained professional.

Stumps have an extremely negative effect on the appearance of your landscape. In addition, they also decrease the perceived value of your property making your property less attractive and desirable. Since these trees will never grow back, and you probably wouldn’t want them to grow back anyways, the only solution is removal. We always recommend you hire a team you can trust with experience and great equipment who is completely familiar with tree stump removal, Pembroke Pines FL.

When homeowners decide to take a project like this on, they usually fail to consider the magnitude of task. Renting and knowing how to operate the equipment needed to remove a stump is a massive challenge all on its own. The next steps is where the real expertise comes in; removing, grinding and disposing of the stump correctly.

Disposing of the tree stump is a huge challenge that requires special gear. We use a wood chipper to reduce the removed tree stump and roots to small wood chips to be hauled away in our truck, removing any remnants of a tree.

Some people have told us that we focus on how hard this is to better convince people to hire us. The truth is, although we certainly gain more from getting jobs, the property owners we help gain as much if not more by hiring a professional company with a great reputation that is completely capable of completing the job quickly, efficiently and correctly. We also ensure the property owner does not have to take on such an arduous task with the help of his brother-in-law and youtube.

Our ultimate goal is to leave your property looking beautiful and clean.

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There’s no question, an unsightly stump is the last thing you want to see on your property. When you think about it, it’s like decorating your property with a tree carcass. Tree stump removal in Pe

The process of removing a stump is arduous and requires knowledge and powerful equipment. The wood from a tree is much more dense and rigid towards the base than along the branches, which tend to be more flexible. This part of the tree requires a special machine to grind up all that wood, grind up, grind up all that wood. A stump grinder will reduce any stump to pieces and even remove the roots that are dug deep under.

This brings us to our next point, the roots of a tree have to be removed as well. Depending on the height and weights of the tree, these roots will burry themselves rather deep and firmly attach themselves to the earth beneath it. These roots sometimes start from the surface and drive deep into the ground. Special equipment needs to be used in order to remove the surface roots as well as the ones in the ground. Pulling them out by hand is rather impossible too. Cue the heavy machinery. Tree stump grinding is an absolute monster of a job better left to professionals and arbor hobbyists.

Stump removal in Pembroke Pines Florida is our expertise. Our specialists will ensure your property is ready to heal from the tree stump removal and recover to its intended beauty. Call us today!

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