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Emergency Tree Service – Pembroke Pines Florida

Not many people consider trees as a cause of an emergency. As a matter of fact, not many people consult a professional arborist a couple times a year to ensure their trees and shrubs are growing healthy and strong. The only time they realize the importance this maintenance has after a tree has cracked and caused damage to their property.

In some cases, we’ve had people who’ve called because a heavy branch or even a part of the actual tree had cracked off from the main structure and fell through their property, causing serious damage to a home, car, shed, roof, etc.- this list goes on. Obviously, removing the tree is the first thing needed before even a cleaning or construction crew could be called to repair the damage.

The inconvenience of dealing with this type of situation is massive. Obviously these things could happen to anybody, but rest assured, when it happens to you, it becomes a truly obnoxious hassle to have to deal with. One aspect that’s especially tough is the fact it could’ve been completely avoided had the homeowner simply kept up with his/her trees’ maintenance.

In other situations, people large pieces of a tree have fallen into main streets or sidewalks. As dangerous as that tree was, now it becomes a hazard sitting on the ground. This hazard is heavily amplified in the event the tree brought a power line down with it. The amount of backlash a fallen tree could bring a city is something every city official needs to avoid, especially after the fact.

Hurricanes or large storms that have been forecast is another reason for need emergency tree service. The issue with this is that we always recommend people consult with a professional arborist before hurricane season hits, but as expected, there are many of us who wait until the last moment to take action.

In every case, Pembroke Pines Tree Services has been a partner of our community, serving our neighbors with top quality, efficient, emergency tree service when they need it most.

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Hurricane Tree Service

South Florida faces the threat of one of this planet’s most dangerous natural disasters every single year, hurricanes. These powerful storms start in the warm Atlantic and Caribbean waters, bringing devastating tornados, winds, and rain. These mega storms are so powerful, they’re able to topple structures and flood cities.

One of the biggest risks involved with these massive storms is their ability to pick up debris and turn it into powerful projectiles traveling at dangerous speeds. This debris could be anything that was left loose outside of people’s homes or businesses during the storm. It could also be pieces trees or shrubs that were not properly maintained and were perhaps loose, dying or to heavy to sustain the winds.

Please keep in mind that there is nothing that’s really considered “hurricane tree service”. Be weary of anybody offering to prepare your trees and shrubs for a storm as these people could be engaging in hatracking or over-lifting. In both instances, trees are improperly trimmed. In hatracking, a tree company will cut a substantial portion of the canopy (top part of the tree) subsequently forcing the tree to regrow weaker versions of the cut branches. The other improper method of preparing a tree for a storm involves cutting the bottom portion of the tree, leaving only the canopy and making the tree extremely top heavy with the possibility of toppling over.

Our hurricane tree service involves properly pruning any trees and shrubs so they are stronger and healthier. After our service, you’ll notice some trees and shrubs will show a noticeable change while others will look very much the same as before being worked on. The type of plant, condition it’s in and it’s age generally determine the type and amount of pruning needed to improve the state of a tree and help it better weather the storm.

Disposing of these leave, branches and trunks is another extremely important part of this process; by the time we finish, your property will look beautiful and clean,, that’s our guarantee!

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