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Fort Lauderdale Tree Service and Tree Removal

Your landscape is the first thing a customer or visitor sees when they come to see you. Let’s take it a step further. Your landscape is the first thing you see when you get to your property. It’s important for the exterior to be welcoming and neat. This is why tree trimming is so incredibly important. It’s the first impression everybody experiences when they visit your property.

Since we live and work in South Florida, we know the vegetation very well. Our tree trimming services have expanded to Fort Lauderdale and rightfully so. We understand the proper way to maintain these trees because of the experience we have after countless hurricanes and storms, season after season.

Our professional crews will safely remove any dangerous branches that are either overgrown or overweight. Branches that grow past a certain length or weight start to create a dangerous situation for the property or pedestrians because a strong wind, storm, or just the right conditions can make it snap off and fall. As you can imagine, this is exactly the type of scenario we aim to avoid.

Our experienced tree trimmers also make your trees look good and healthy. We will not cut too much, leaving it looking unbalanced and flimsy. Nor will we cut too little and leave the risk of the branch doing damage. The idea is to give the tree the right adjustment so it isn’t dangerous and remains beautiful.

Tree removal in Fort Lauderdale is another section of expertise. Sometimes, the problem isn’t a branch or group of branches. Sometimes the tree itself becomes a hazard. This is usually the case when a tree is improperly planted too close to a property, structure, or sidewalk. Roots and branches can heavily damage these things and even threaten people. It’s also common to have severe tree damage after a storm or hurricane, and since South Florida is such a hotbed for this type of weather phenomenon, we get these calls a lot.

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Regardless of the reason, this process is challenging and requires professional knowledge and expertise, especially if we want to cause zero damage. Depending on the tree, we may cut section by section until we have only a stump to contend with.

Once most of the tree has been brought down, the only thing remaining will be the stump. Stumps are an absolute eyesore to anybody who’s cut a tree down. Our professionals use very powerful, special equipment to grind stumps until they have vanished from sight. We always suggest property-owners hire professionals to handle any stumps left after cutting a tree. A professional will ensure the job is done quickly and properly.

Renting the equipment is an excellent option, but watching a Youtube tutorial that explains how to use the equipment is no substitute for actual experience. Going through the process will prove to be an extremely time-consuming event, especially given the types of trees that grow in South Florida, specifically in Fort Lauderdale. People usually only have one of two trees to cut down at a time. This means unless you work in the tree business, you’re not going to be consistently cutting and grinding many stumps down thus building your experience. Follow the advice of a professional, save the time and effort, hire somebody with experience who will take care of your property. Stump removal and stump grinding are two important services we offer because there are many occasions where people cut their own trees down, but need that extra assist to get the stump removed.

Shrub Removal and Trimming

The last task many people tend to embark on is shrub removal. Shrubs are very strong plants with extremely powerful roots. This is another example of removal that generally requires powerful equipment. South Florida shrubs are particularly strong; we grew to do shrub removal in Fort Lauderdale because of the number of people we could help and since we’re so experienced with these types of South Florida plants, we knew we could do great work. ​

There’s one final consideration the DIY warrior doesn’t foresee. Most types of tree and shrub services leave debris, heavy debris. This debris cannot be left out and around the property. The important thing is to have a plan when it comes to debris removal. Our partners are excellent and will handle your property like it’s their own.

There are so many choices to pick from. We started in Pembroke Pines because it’s such a beautiful community with so many trees. As you can imagine, Pembroke Pines Tree Services is not a clever name. But like many companies that provide good service, we grew and started providing tree services in Fort Lauderdale.

Our reviews are excellent and our customers love us